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You know your business.
You know your customers.

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Now you can have a Free Wi-Fi solution that suits both.

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Award-winning Customer Free Wi-Fi that does what you want it to.

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We're not just famous for Free Wi-Fi - we invented it.

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AffordableOur HotSpot service plans start from as little as € 5.00 a month

SecureWe offer a fully managed service that protects you from liability.

FlexibleSelect only those Wi-Fi features and services that fit your business needs.

ProvenWe have been delivering award winning 100% Free Wi-Fi services to our customers since 2005.

Features that you are going to Love

Our selection of features gives you the Wi-Fi that YOU want

A new way to offer Free Wi-Fi

Our unique modular service structure means that you only pay for the features and functionality that you want. And the service can be upgraded at any time, so you can start with a Basic Package and then add more Service Modules as needed, or upgrade to one of our Marketing Packages – it’s easy!

Power & Performance

Our dynamic self-scaling solution is optimised to support any type of location, from the smallest coffee shop or kiosk to the largest shopping centre or hotel. Our on-site Wi-Fi hardware can securely accommodate many simultaneous users, and our cloud-based back-end servers are designed to handle high volumes of traffic


Our system is fully secure, with Client Isolation enabled by default, so that clients cannot interact with each other, and with additional enhancements to Firewall and security services to prevent illegal and inappropriate activity. These features can be configured individually depending on your package and module selection.

Legal Protection

We have a multi-layered approach to protecting you from liability surrounding the Wi-Fi. It starts with ensuring that every single user has to accept the Terms of Service, explicitly forbidding malicous activities and accepting legal responsibility for anything that might happen while the user is using the system. We also have technical features such as Pirate Blocker to prevent the P2P download of copyrighted material, as well as a robust Content-Filtering solution that prevents access to malicous or unwanted websites.

Customer Communication

The system functions as a consumer direct marketing platform that works over the Wi-Fi. Our WMS™ Wi-Fi Messaging Service is powered by Google’s DoubleClick™ Ad-Serving platform, which is the “gold standard” of online advertising systems. Our Marketing Packages leverage this system to help you communicate directly with your customers by using our own unique Wi-Fi Survey Platform to advanced Google-powered advertising campaigns.

World-Class Support

We offer full, end-to-end support services for all our HotSpot customers, starting with with our network of local engineering Partners to help install and maintain your Wi-Fi on-site. Once your HotSpot is up and running, we offer a Technical Helpdesk to support you, plus a 24/7 End User Hotline to help your customers.

Our Customers

The service network includes thousands of customers in over 20 countires. Below are some examples.