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WMS™ - Wi-Fi Messaging Service

The current explosion of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as Apple’s iPhone, SmartPhones, Blackberrys and Sony’s PSP, is causing a major shift in the telecommunications industry. Increasingly, consumers are seeking Free Wi-Fi “HotSpots” as a means to support their data intensive mobile computing, such as email, web surfing, mobile TV/video, instant messaging, gaming and social networking.

These trends are especially visible among the highly sought-after advertising demographic of 18 to 34 year olds as well as business travellers. Indeed, 85% of mobile phones sold in 2009 have Wi-Fi capability and statistics already show that consumers are keen to use Wi-Fi for their communications needs – especially data-intensive activities such as social networking.

WMS v. SMS and MMS

Under the current mobile advertising schemes, consumer messages are sent to mobile phones using the established platforms of SMS (Short Message Service) and increasingly MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). The recent convergence of GSM/3G and Wi-Fi capability has created a large and rapidly increasing market for interactive mobile advertising over wireless Internet access points (HotSpots), using a Wi-Fi Messaging Service (what we call WMS).

WMS is a way of delivering highly targeted interactive messages to consumers in a specific location or group of locations. The platform that enables WMS is the Wi-Fi HotSpot, a physical venue or location in which wireless Internet access is offered free of charge to the public. WMS offers advertisers the opportunity to serve rich media ads to active consumers in a targeted, interactive environment.

Why WMS?:

More cost-effective: No need to communicate an external call to action (“text to”) in order to initiate the opt-in by the user. User opt-ins are auto-generated by the network, which requires the user to view a sponsor message in order to obtain free Internet access. This affords a greater flexibility and cost savings to the marketer, as there is no need for ancillary media buys such as TV, indoor or outdoor media to get users to opt-in. The user opts-in and views the ad in exchange for Free Internet access.

More targeted: Messaging campaigns can be targeted to an extent unavailable through other interactive mobile media: advertisers can select specific geographic areas, venue types, specific venues or even the type of user device (Laptop, iPhone, PSP etc.) for their messaging campaign. Basados Internet based “calls to action” are immediately accessible and so response rates will be higher compared to other interactive advertising media.

Broader reach: Anacapa’s WMS system reaches not only mobile phone users, but also those who have other handheld devices (iPod Touch, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS) as well as laptop PC users.

On-Premise corporate messaging: Because WMS works over localised HotSpots, chains and major brands in all industries can now benefit directly from installing HotSpots in their corporate or franchised locations, thereby creating their own WMS “network”. The result is both a higher level of customer service and the development of an interactive on-premise customer messaging platform that provides the consumer with the right information, in the right place, at the right time.

Return on investment: Per message fees for WMS campaigns are priced to be highly competitive with other types of interactive mobile media solutions, while providing the unique benefits of being cost-effective (no ancillary media required), highly targeted and broader in reach. In cases where the company owns their own WMS network (i.e. chain stores and franchises), these interactive mobile media ads are exchanged with their customers at extremely low or no incremental cost to the WMS Network Operator (WNO).

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