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How To Watch HBO Now in Australia

If there’s one thing Aussies agree on when it comes to entertainment, it’s that we need access to HBO.

how to watch hbo in australia

Everybody can watch HBO NOW from Australia, even though the service is only available in the US. I will show you below, how you can do it.

The Home Box Office is a major entertainment provider being the home to many hit TV shows such as The Wire and Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to access HBO content in Australia.

Due to content rights issues, the HBO Now streaming service is yet to be officially launched in Australia.

Recently folks have found a legal way to access HBO Now in Australia. Read on to find out more about HBO Now and how you can start streaming from the comfort of your house.

Can I Watch HBO Now in Australia?

Yes you can, if you are using a VPN. This is the one I recommend:

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Although it is only available in the US and some of its territories, one can still watch HBO Now in Australia. The platform has restrictions in place that prevent people living outside from remotely accessing its content.

If you try to watch HBO Now from Australia or anywhere outside the US and its territories you’ll receive an error message that reads:

“Not in service area. HBO NOW is only supported in the U.S and certain U.S territories.”

However, one can still watch HBO Now content through Foxtel (Foxtel Now or Foxtel cable). There’s also another workaround that can enable you to watch HBO Now even if you reside in Australia.

A guide to streaming HBO Now in Australia

Here is a rundown of how you can stream HBO Now in Australia.

1. Install a VPN software on your device

I recommend Nordvpn.

HBO Now blocks internet users outside the US and its territories using geographical restriction technology.  This is why you need a Virtual Private Network to help you outskirt this geo-restriction.

VPNs reroute your traffic through a server located in a different region thereby masking your real IP address. This makes it seem like you are accessing the internet from a different region (where the server is based).

Choose a VPN service preferably one with plenty of servers in the US such as CyberGhost, SurfShark, or ExpressVPN. Install the client app to your device and set it up. After you’re done with this, connect to any server located in the US. We recommend going with the server with the least server load.

2. Visit the HBO Now website

Once the connection is set, visit HBO Now’s official website. From HBO Now’s end, it’ll appear that you’re visiting the site from the US and thus you’ll be granted access to the HBO Now TV shows & movies.

3. Subscribing to the service

Since it is exclusively available to US residents, HBO Now doesn’t allow users to pay using non-US credit cards when they first sign up. Worry not, there is a simple way to get around this hurdle.

All you have to do is buy an HBO Now gift card from the US. The card will allow you to pay for HBO Now without needing a US-credit card. Purchasing the HBO Now gift card, however, isn’t as simple as it sounds. You won’t find it in your local store.

HBO Now gift cards are available online in various websites and cost between $30 and $90. Note that some websites might try to sell you fake gift cards. Also, you’ll need to keep buying these gift cards for continuous services otherwise your account will be locked.

4. Redeem HBO Now gift card

Now that you have the HBO Now gift card, you’ll need to redeem it for you to use it. Still, on the same VPN connection, visit the gift card activation page here and proceed to activate it. You may be asked to provide the state name and ZIP code. You can access this information on this website. You’re now set to start enjoying HBO Now.

Compared to using Foxtel, this a longer approach that also requires one to be tech-savvy. If you don’t have the patience and the effort it takes you can take the Foxtel route which is far much convenient.

Besides, you can cancel your Foxtel subscription when you no longer need it.

The platform doesn’t specify the maximum number of devices that can simultaneously stream its content.

What is HBO Now

Here is everything you need to know about HBO Now in case you wondering what it is.

Like Foxtel Now, HBO Now is HBO’s on-demand streaming service that offers a collection of successful TV shows as well as premium on-air TV shows and movies in different categories.

The service is, however, only available to residents of the US and its territories.

What TV shows and movies are available on HBO Now

The only legitimate way one could watch TV shows from HBO such as Silicon Valley is through Foxtel. You can stream HBO shows using the streaming service Foxtel Now or subscribe to the Foxtel cable package.

You’d hardly have trouble finding interesting TV shows or movies to watch on this platform. The content is categorized according to themes and genres.

There’s a menu on the rights side of the home page where you can search for the movie/TV show you want according to their genre.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into comedy, sports, movies, series, or documentaries, HBO Now has something for you. You can also find suitable content for your children to watch under the kids’ section.

That’s not all. HBO Now also has a collection section where you can explore tailored content that focuses on specific themes.

Here are some of the things you could try out.

In the series category you have: – Avenue 5, Euphoria, Game of Thrones, Insecure, I Know This Much Is True, Succession, True Detective, Watchmen that stars Regina King, and many more.

In the movie category, you can choose from any of the genres offered such as Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Horror, Romance, and even Suspense. In the Comedy section, you can watch stand-up shows by comedians such as David Chappelle, Any Schumer, Whitney Cummings, Dan Soder, and the likes.

The collection section contains categories such as obsession-worthy drama series, must-watch comedies, black voices, alternate universe shows, movies that are airing for the last time this month.

As you have probably noted, HBO Now doesn’t feature animated series or animations. This may be a buzz killer especially if you’re into anime. Still and all, you are unlikely to fail to get something that will captivate or interest you scroll down the library.

Some HBO flagship shows are also offered by other streaming platforms so don’t be surprised when you see Oz or The Wire on Prime Video.

HBO Now doesn’t have live TV albeit ongoing TV shows are available to stream when they air. Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that release a whole season at once, HBO Now releases the episodes in intervals. This is the same approach that CBS uses for its TV shows. If you like binge-watching, you can choose to wait until the whole season is out before embarking on it.


HBO Now’s pricing starts at $14.99 per month and comes with a 30-day free trial period. This is slightly higher when compared to other streaming platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, and CBS All Access.

hbo now pricing
The recently launched Apple TV+ costs $4.99/month (AUD $7.99). Hulu’s ad-supported plan starts at $5.99/month whereas the ad-free plan costs $11.99/month. On the other hand, CBS All Access pricing starts at $5.99/month. Netflix costs anywhere between $8.99/month and $15.99/month. Disney+ subscription starts at $6.99/month.

As you can see, HBO Now is a little bit pricier but that comes the quality of content you get.


HBO Now supports a wide range of devices. It is available for smart TVs (Android TV, compatible Samsung TVs, Apple TV, Amazon fireTV, Roku, Chromecast, and fireTVstick), game consoles (PS4, Xbox One), computers, phones and tablets (Android, iPhone, and iPad).

Is HBO Now worth it


  • Has an extensive and rich library consisting of many well-regarded TV shows
  • The platform has no ads
  • HBO Now has a simple interface so you won’t have a hard time finding your favorite shows


  • It is expensive than other platforms
  • Lacks HDR and 4K content
  • Doesn’t allow users to download content for offline viewing

HBO Go and HBO Max

Most people often confuse HBO Now, HBO Max, and HBO Go. These services are all different although they offer similar content to their subscribers. As mentioned before, HBO Now is HBO’s on-demand streaming services that internet users can subscribe to. HBO Go is an extension of HBO’s cable offering.

HBO Max, on the other hand, is a new service that is set to replace HBO Go. It doesn’t require a cable TV subscription like the other two. HBO recently announced that it was also rebranding HBO Now to just HBO. The pricing will, however, remain the same. You can read more here to clear up any confusion.

Wrap Up

With new content coming out now and then, there’s not a better time to get ahold of this service. Hopefully, you won’t have any trouble accessing your favourite TV show but if you do, you can always turn to the other option.