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Unblock KissAnime Australia

How to unblock KissAnime in Australia is a very common question.

unblock kissanime australia

KissAnime in Australia has unfortunately been blocked for a while. There aren’t many restrictions on it in other parts of the world, mainly because of loop-holes. If you’re an Aussie and want to access the site, we’ve got you covered.

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Why Is KissAnime Blocked?

The anime on it has been pirated. If you don’t know what pirating is, it’s when you redistribute content that you do not own.

The copyright laws in countries are becoming stricter. This is why KissAnime was cracked down hard by the Australian government. The block is in place due to your ISP.

How Does Your ISP Block KissAnime?

Your device has an IP address. IPs can pinpoint the country you’re from. ISPs have restricted Australian IPs from accessing the site. They know you’re trying to visit it as your data is being sent back to them.

Thankfully, there are many ways to stop this. You might’ve guessed that a VPN would help.

How Would A VPN Help?

VPNs prevent data from going back to your ISP. They tunnel you to a server abroad. You’ll be using its IP instead, which would make the internet think you’re from that location. This would help you overcome the geo-block.

Before you get your hopes up, know that not all VPNs would work. You won’t be as successful with a free one. It has a limited number of servers. They’re shared amongst each other, which makes it obvious that you’re using a virtual private network. They’ve most likely been blacklisted.

You probably don’t know what a Smart DNS network is. It’s a program similar to a VPN. It bounces your data to a proxy server. You’ll be taking on a new IP, but your data won’t be encrypted. DNS networks don’t offer anonymity either, which VPNs do.

Should You Still Use A VPN If KissAnime Is Unblocked?

Not all countries have blocked the site. If you’re from such a location, using a VPN when visiting it is still useful. Let’s discuss this.

You’re Safe from Ads

KissAnime is free. It needs to make its money somewhere, which is why it bombards you with ads. Unfortunately, it has malicious ones. They’re full of inappropriate content too. This is alarming as children use the site.

VPNs come with an array of features. One of their best is ad-filtering. Of course, not all private networks offer this – only paid ones.

You’re Not Tracked

Even if KissAnime is available in your country, you may be living in an area with strict pirating laws. You’ve unfortunately been downloading content off the site, which is unlawful. Your ISP knows what you’re doing, so the authorities might get involved.

When they do, having used a VPN would help. It’d not have tracked what you did. Its servers would not incriminate you.

You might like to know that there’s a real-life example of this.  ExpressVPN – a leading VPN was investigated by the Turkish police. Due to their strict no-logging policy, their servers were of no help.

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You’re Safe Online

Remember how we said your data is encrypted? When it’s being sent to the server, it’s turned into codes that can not be cracked. How tough it is to decode depends on the encryption used. The best private networks use 256-bit military locks. Considering that KissAnime’s ads are malicious, you’ll be staying safe from hackers.

Overcome Blocks

Although the site is currently available in your country, it might not be in the future. Copy-right laws are getting stricter as the days go by. By having a VPN, you’ll always be able to access KissAnime.

What Should You Look for In A VPN?

When using private networks to overcome the KissAnime block, you’ll have to look for a few things. They’ll ensure you’re working with the best.

A Large Number of Servers

The network must have a large number of servers. You’ll have ample locations to connect to, accessing KissAnime from anywhere in the world.

Connection Speeds

Being able to use KissAnime is great, but there’s no point if your VPN is slow. Different VPNs have different connection speeds. Even paid ones may not offer fast connections.

You’ll have to do some digging to make sure the name you’re interested in doesn’t leave you buffering.

Having your data tunneled and encrypted slows it down. Free VPNs are notorious for this. They even sell your bandwidth, which you don’t want.

A Strict No-Logging Policy

Remember how we said VPNs won’t track what you do? This is only true if a strict no-logging policy is in place. A lot of VPNs say they have strict no-logging policies but don’t. Instead of taking their word for it, check user reviews.

You don’t want to end up like IPVanish’s users. It handed user information to the FBI. Not only is it alarming that it did this, but that it had user information to even begin with. Yes, it promised a strict no-logging policy.

Military Encryptions

How will you stay safe from hackers without military encryptions? Anything else would be easy to crack. Most paid VPNs use 256-bit locks, so you should be good.

There’s a couple of great VPNs that provide these features. Use them when unblocking KissAnime:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a beast of a network. It provides access to 3000+ servers in 94 different countries. It’s also very strict with its no-log policy – remember the situation mentioned earlier about the Turkish authorities?

Its connections are secure. It boasts of 256-bit encryptions. What’s even better is that you’ll be able to connect 5 devices to your account. All 5 of them will be able to stream KissAnime at the same time.

Unfortunately, the virtual private network is costly. It’ll run you $12.95 for a month’s subscription. It offers a yearly plan, which is significantly cheaper.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN can easily access KissAnime. It’s also revered as one of the best VPNs out there. You’ll be able to connect 6 devices to your account. They’ll have access to 5000+ servers in 62 different countries. The thing is, they’re not from the most diverse locations. ExpressVPN takes the cake for this.

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The VPN has a strict no-logging policy. However, there’s something you should know – a Nord server was hacked recently. It was not a public server, though.

The VPN is not pricey, which is a plus. It also uses 256-bit encryption. What’s better is, you’ll have access to a double VPN feature. You’ll be routed to 2 different servers, keeping you extra safe.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost not only accesses KissAnime, but it’s your best bet if you want to stay anonymous. It provides a strict no-logging policy and annually releases transparency reports. They contain information on all the requests to hand over user-logs.

The VPN lets you connect to 7 devices at a time. You’ll have access to 6000+ servers in 90 different countries. They’re unfortunately not the most diverse. CyberGhost is known for having a few servers in Asia.

It’s pricey. You’ll be paying almost $13 for a monthly subscription. Of course, it uses military encryption. The only devices that have the key are yours and the server.


To wrap things up, KissAnime is blocked in Australia as it has pirated content. This goes against several copy-right laws. As copy-right laws have become stricter, it’s no surprise that Australia has enforced a geo-block. Australia isn’t alone in this; a few other nations have done this as well.

To get around the block, your best bet would be to use a VPN. It’ll channel your IP away from the country. The best VPNs have an array; you can choose any server you’d like to join.

You could use a Smart DNS network as well. It’d channel your connection to a proxy server, but won’t encrypt it. It wouldn’t keep you anonymous either. The thing with them is, they’re made specifically for geo-blocks.

How To Choose A VPN

When choosing a VPN, you’ll have to keep a few things in mind. Look at the number of servers it offers. The more available, the more locations to access KissAnime from.

You’ll also need to look for one with a strict no-logging policy. If the authorities ever get involved, the no-log policy would mean that the VPN did not store your activity. The police would have nothing to incriminate you with.

Of course, the VPN needs to be secure. They come with many types of encryptions. Your best bet is to use one that offers a 256-bit lock.

As there are many private networks out there, we helped you by suggesting 3:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost

ExpressVPN is great at accessing KissAnime. It’s also secure and has a no-logging policy that’s been tried and tested.  CyberGhost outdoes the other two when it comes to keeping your data safe – it releases transparency reports, which document all the legal requests to hand user information over. Of course, it offers a strict no-logging policy too.

So, what do you think about everything mentioned? Will you be using a Smart DNS network or a VPN?