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How to Watch American Netflix in Australia

Everyone knows that Netflix in Australia isn’t the most diverse. But there’s a solution to this.

watch american netflix in australia

Its content may not be to your liking and you might not have access to certain shows you want to watch.

How to watch US Netflix in Australia? Well, with our guide, you can easily access the US’ huge library.

Why Does the US Have Better Content?

As established, Netflix libraries defer per region. American Netflix has the largest array of shows due to licensing agreements.

Due to licensing, you’ll notice that Netflix isn’t available in certain countries as a whole. You won’t be able to sign up if you’re from Bahrain, Bangladesh, or the Bahamas.

This issue isn’t true only for Netflix. Whatever streaming service you can think of, it’ll have multiple libraries and geo-blocks.

The only way to by-pass the restrictions is by changing your IP. This may seem like a task, but it’s not. VPNs get the job done.

How Do VPNs Work?

Hopefully, you know what a VPN is. It’s a program that channels your connection to a foreign server. During tunneling, your data is encrypted. There are many encryptions out there. Depending on the VPN you’re using, how secure your encryption will be would vary.

The virtual private network lets you choose the server to connect to. If you have a country in mind, it will show you the fastest server in it.

As you’re looking to access the US’ Netflix library, you’ll have to connect to a server in the nation. Whichever location you connect to is fine, as long as it’s in America.

Can You Use Any VPN?

The thing is, you can’t use just any VPN for Netflix. The platform knows that users try and bypass their restrictions. So, they regularly blacklist servers. You won’t have a chance if you use a free VPN. They have very limited servers, which are shared by other private networks.

Paid VPNs can easily by-pass the blocks and you can unblock Netflix with them. They have a magnitude of servers, and their encryptions are secure – this means Netflix never knows what you’re up to.

To help you access the US library, we’ve run through the best VPNs to use below.


In the world of VPNs, ExpressVPN is king. It’s well known for being secure. It’s also amazing at accessing Netflix. To begin with, it offers a wide range of servers. You’ll have access to 3000+ in 94 different countries. The virtual private network has servers in over 13 US locations. They only keep increasing.

You can download ExpressVPN as a browser extension, using it exclusively for the streaming service. It works well with many streaming platforms. It can by-pass Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video’s restrictions.

You can connect 5 devices to your account. This is great if you have a premium Netflix account, as everyone in your family will be able to access American Netflix.

When connected, your data will be secure. Military-level encryption will be in place.

If the VPN ever goes down, it’ll activate a kill-switch. This would prevent data from being sent back to your ISP, which would tell Netflix what you’re up-to.

ExpressVPN sounds amazing, but we have some bad news. It is expensive. You’ll be paying $12.95 for a monthly subscription. You could go for the 3-year plan. It’ll run you $8.32 every month.


  • 3000+ servers in 94 countries
  • Very secure connection
  • Can be used for many streaming services, not just Netflix
  • Offers a kill-switch
  • Lets you connect to 5 devices at a time
  • Browser extension available


  • Is very expensive


Nord is arguably more popular than ExpressVPN. It offers more servers than its counterpart. There are 5100+ in almost 60 countries. 1800+ of them are from the US. They are from 15 different locations. Like ExpressVPN, Nord prides itself on regularly updating its server list.

The private network ensures that you’re secure online. It uses 256-bit military encryption. The only people that know the key are your device and the VPN.

NordVPN is not expensive. For its monthly subscription, you’ll be paying $11.95 every 30 days. There’s a 3-year plan too. It costs $3.49 a month.

When you sign up, you’ll be able to connect 6 devices to your account. You can use them simultaneously, which is useful.

It isn’t great just Netflix. The VPN is great for Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video too.

The network offers a kill-switch. Your data will never be sent back to your ISP. You already know how useful this is.

Of course, there’s a browser extension as well. It can be used on Mozilla and Google Chrome.

If you’re planning on using the VPN for things outside of Netflix, know that its privacy was compromised. In 2018, a hacker got into a server it was renting. Although the hacker found nothing, this was still a risky situation.


  • Can connect 6 devices to your account
  • Is affordable
  • Has a browser extension available?
  • Uses military level encryption
  • Offers 5100+ servers in 59 different countries
  • 1800+ servers in 18 locations in the US
  • Can be used on multiple streaming services, not just Netflix


  • One of its private servers was hacked in 2018


If you thought ExpressVPN was expensive, know that a month of CyberGhost will cost you $12.99. There is a 2-year plan. You’ll be charged $3.69 every 30-days.

When you open an account, you’ll be able to connect 7 devices to it. They can be used at the same time.

The VPN has the most servers so far. There are 6500+. They are available in 89 different countries. 1100+ of them are from the US – from 11 different locations. Like the other 2, CyberGhost frequently adds new servers to its list.

Not only does it by-pass Netflix’s restrictions, but it works well on Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and many other services.

It ensures safety. Your data is protected through military encryption. It’s also convenient as you have access to a browser extension. It can be used on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If you want to work with a trustworthy company, CyberGhost is it. It annually releases transparency reports. These include all the legal requests they get to hand over data. They also include key company stats. Its headquarter is in Romania. The country does not have mandatory data retention laws. So, you’re good to go.

If you’re a fan of kill-switches, know that it offers the feature too.


  • 6500+ servers in 89 different countries
  • 1100+ servers from 11 locations in the US
  • Annually releases transparency reports
  • Based in Romania
  • Access to kill-switches
  • Offers browser extensions
  • Can by-pass Netflix as well as other streaming services
  • Can connect 7 devices to your account


  • Very expensive

How Do You Access The US’ Library?

With all that out of the way, this is exactly what you need to do:

1.      Pick A VPN

As you know, there are many VPNs out there. Not all of them will be able to by-pass Netflix’s licensing. Your best bet would be to use 1 of the 3 we recommended. Stay away from free VPNs. Their servers are all blacklisted.

2.      Sign-up

Once installed, you can’t use it just yet. You’ll have to create an account. Most VPNs send verification codes to activate your account. You’ll be able to connect multiple devices to the VPN by logging in

3.      Choose Your Server

You’ll have to choose a server in the US. CyberGhost offers the most options. You can pick whichever location in the country you want.

4.      Clear Your Cache

Before opening Netflix, remember to clear your cookies. Otherwise, you’ll have cookies visiting the site from an Australian IP.

5.      Get to Work!

You don’t have to create a new account to access the US library. The moment you log into Netflix, you’ll see American content.


In conclusion, Netflix offers different content depending on the country you’re in. This is due to licensing agreements. It’s a common consensus that the US’s library is the best. As an Australian, you may think you won’t be able to access it, but VPNs make it possible.

VPNs change your IP address. They tunnel you to a server in another country. The data sent to the server is secure, and no one will know what you’re up to.

You can’t use any VPN to overcome Netflix’s restriction. Free VPNs won’t work as their servers have been blacklisted.

Thankfully, paid virtual networks work well. However, you should know which are the best. From the assortment, the following are the cream of the crop:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost

ExpressVPN is our favourite. Not only is it great at accessing American Netflix, but it can easily bypass other streaming services’ restrictions. It’s expensive but is not as costly as CyberGhost.

How exactly would you use the VPN? Just by clicking a switch. Once connected to a server in the US, you’ll access the American library when you open your account.

What did you think? We just answered the question that all Aussie Netflix addicts have!