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How to download safely from the internet

Internet users download programs, media files, and other content from the internet for use offline.

These downloads are often done without verifying if they are safe to install on one’s device.

Downloading from the internet is risky, and it can lead to malware infections, data theft, and other security problems. A lot of people are not aware that there are safe alternatives to these risky downloads.

Here are 7 safe downloading tips from techies that most internet users need to know about.

Download Only From Reputable Sites And Sources

Before doing the actual download, make sure to carefully read app reviews.

If it’s a game or app that you can’t find any info about on Google or an app review site, search app review forums for more information before downloading the app.

If an app has a poor rating or there are too many complaints, it might be best not to download it unless you can find an alternative app with better reviews.

You can get an app to help you download safely and easily, and also make sure the app is legitimate before clicking.

Downloading an app from a website that claims to offer free downloads but actually leads to an app page asking you to purchase an app is one of the most common app scams out there, so try to avoid it.

Another app scam happens when you download an app from a website that doesn’t actually let you download the app, despite the fact that they promised app downloads.

Scan Files For Viruses Before Downloading Them

Computer viruses can become a danger to the device. If one of them is allowed to run on the system, it can corrupt files and even harm hardware components.

Before downloading anything from an unknown source, scan the file with a reliable virus scanner. When you scan the file, note the number of viruses it has detected to know if it’s safe.

If you can’t scan the file before downloading, consider getting a different version from another source. The antivirus programs are capable of detecting files that are not available for downloads due to local licensing options or region locks.

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Some of these limitations are meant to protect the copyrights of the content providers.

When Choosing A Download Website, Think Safety

The websites that provide media and software downloads should be judged primarily by their safety standards and speed of downloads.

Faster doesn’t always mean better and safer might not be as quick, but it is certainly worth taking the time to find out whether or not the website you are about to download from is safe.

Make sure it provides SSL encryption, that the website has a privacy policy and that it offers some sort of digital security support since hackers are expected to attack popular websites which have high traffic and present easy targets.

Enable Multi-Layered Antivirus Software

Even if one antivirus fails to prevent malware from infecting the device, it is always better to have multi-layered protection. Avast!

Free Antivirus offers multiple layers of security in its program, so when one layer misses something, there are others that will protect the device.

Avast! Free Antivirus also includes an automatic updater that will download the latest virus definition at regular intervals and update the program. Antivirus software needs to provide real-time scanning and needs to be set to run when the files are downloaded.

Enable Safe Browsing

Google is a safe searching service and offers automatic malware protection in its search results. This is done by checking all websites against Google’s constantly updated list of suspected phishing and malware sites.

However, just because a site is not flagged as such by Google doesn’t mean it’s safe. That is why it’s a good idea to enable safe browsing in your web browser. This will automatically check every website against Google’s list of suspected phishing and malware sites before you visit them.

Trust Your Instincts

If at any point you encounter something suspicious or out of place on an unfamiliar website, close the tab and leave immediately. Since the first days of the internet, cybercriminals have been using fake download buttons to trick victims into downloading ransomware and other types of malware. The only safe downloads are those that come from trusted sources. Be wary of any download that sounds too good to be true or requires a software registration key.

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Use An Updated Browser And Virus Protection Software

Browser manufacturers, such as Mozilla or Google, release updates every few months that patch the previously existing security holes and bugs within their browsers.

It is crucial that your browser is up-to-date, especially if you are accustomed to downloading music, movies, or other media content.

Using an updated browser will ensure that the downloaded content cannot damage your computer, nor will it run slowly because of software incompatibilities. Even if you are downloading legal content, using virus protection software is a must.

Hackers have become very sneaky, and sometimes they will spread viruses, keyloggers, or other dangerous programs even through legal downloads.

This can be prevented with virus protection.

Virus protection software is available for free on most websites and is easy to install. You can also buy this software in-store.

If you do not intend to download any illegal content, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be using virus protection. If you’re a tech-savvy lady, it is a good idea to keep your eye out for tech deals.

This is a great way to get the protection that you need while staying on top of your spending.

In addition to keeping your browser updated and using virus protection, it is also important to check the file host websites for any news about possible security holes or new threats.

If there is a warning posted on a certain website, do not download from it.

With the popularity of the Internet growing every year, people have a lot more access to downloads. People can download music, movies, and games from websites such as YouTube or Steam.

However, some people do not realize how dangerous downloading some items off the internet can be. Downloading software without knowing what it is could put your computer at risk.


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