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Video Content In Your Marketing Strategy

No matter how good your product is or how great your service is, if your marketing is weak, your business won’t survive very long.

If you look at any successful business in any industry under the sun, the most important part of its operations is marketing.

This is not just about getting yourself in front of customers and getting conversions, it is also about being connected to your audience and understanding what they need and what they don’t.

A lot of people confuse sales with marketing and vice versa but marketing plays a bigger role than simply increasing revenue.

Getting conversions is a by-product of the marketing process but the real focus of marketing is getting visibility. Whether that is with your audience, stakeholder, lenders, or anyone else, visibility always helps. Here is why video content is an excellent resource to improve your marketing efforts.


Helps Website Ranking

Every business needs a website, even if you are a brick-and-mortar business.

Today people are using the internet more than ever and it plays a big role in the purchase process of most consumers.

However, making a website alone is not enough because it’ll be no good if no one can find your website. That is where SEO and search engine rankings come into play.

Google, the most used search engine in the world, only vaguely describes what you need to do in order to rank better in its search results.

One of the things that have been proven to work extremely well is having video content embedded into your website.

There is no hard and fast rule about how big that video should be or what kind of video that should be.

As long as it improves the user experience of the viewer visiting that page, it will help a lot in improving your SEO rankings.

Higher Conversion

If you are looking to expand your business, you need as much cash inflow as possible and videos can help to achieve this goal. There are a few ways that you can use video to drive conversions.

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The most common method is to make a commercial and run that in your marketing campaign.

Another option would be to make an introductory video or sales video and embed that on your landing page.

Yet another, and very popular option, is to create an explainer video about your product or service to educate potential buyers about how you can help.

You could even make a promotional video highlighting the projects you have done and include some client testimonials in that video to give it some added authority.

Great Marketing ROI

Organic marketing is great but it’s not that easy to do. It can take some time for your campaign to pick up some steam. On the other hand, paid marketing is fantastic but it can dry up your capital quickly if you don’t do it right.

In this case, creative video production is an excellent choice because even though it can cost quite a bit, it offers incredible ROI.

You are unlikely to get these kinds of returns on any other marketing channel.

Moreover, the return is generated very quickly.

From the moment you launch your marketing video, you can expect to start seeing results.

To get better and faster results you need to push the video through as many channels as possible to reach a bigger and wider audience.

Build Trust

The modern business environment is extremely competitive no matter what you are selling. In order to attract clients, you need a great product at a great price but more importantly, you need your customers to trust you.

This is only possible when you are able to showcase your company’s personality and show them who you are as a brand and an organization. For this purpose, videos are the best choice.

To do this you can make videos and upload them to YouTube or market them through your channels such as social media or the company website. Videos will show customers who you are and what you do in a far better way than any other medium. Moreover, you can reach an incredibly large audience through videos.

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More Elaborate

The great thing about videos is that they transfer images, audio, and even text. Other mediums such as podcasts or blog posts can only deliver through one medium of communication.

Moreover, you can enhance the video with all kinds of animations and edits to make it more interactive and engaging.

This helps you to get your message across more concisely and makes sure that the message has a greater impact. If you are expanding into a new market, you can get videos made in the native language of the region and have an even better impact.

You can use the power of video to carve out a space for your company in the hearts and minds of viewers.


If you are on the internet in any form then creating content that goes viral, or at least has the potential to be shared with an audience, is the best way to get your message delivered to more people.

Sure, you could use paid marketing to reach the same number of people but it wouldn’t have the same impact.

When a viewer of your videos personally shares the video with friends and family, the recipients of the share are more likely to view it and it has an entirely different impact. A well-made engaging video is something your audience is more likely to share.

Videos don’t have to be made with a professional camera and they don’t have to have you in them.

You can hire actors, make screen recordings, and animated videos, or even use stock footage and have a voice artist do the audio recording for it.

There are a thousand ways to make videos and no matter what your budget is, you can easily make a video. Just like anything else, you get what you pay for.

When you start to get some good results from your video marketing it would be a good idea to invest in gear and human resources to produce even better content that will drive more growth.




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