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Best Torrenting Sites

Torrent sites are easily the best source for downloading movies, TV shows, music audios & videos, books, and games for free.

best torrenting sites in australia

Despite the internet being flooded with hundreds of torrent sites, there is never a guarantee that you will find one that is safe and works.

Don’t download torrents in Australia, without using a VPN. Stay safe and anonymous. The best VPN is listed below.

As such, getting the best torrent site to use can be tricky. Most usually end up redirecting you to a casino website or any other page advertising totally different products. Others are loaded with malware that may harm your device or fake torrents. Sadly that’s the internet we have today but don’t worry.

How To Access Torrent Sites?

Use a VPN when accessing torrent sites.

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We know how difficult it can be for netizens to get a torrent fix. That is precisely why we have taken time to test several torrent sites and compile a list of the best.

Below, we guide you through the most reliable torrent sites you can use to get the media you want.

We highly recommend using a virtual private network (VPN) before you start torrenting. A VPN keeps your device safe by encrypting the traffic your browser receives and sends.  Internet service providers in Australia have the right to store user logs.

This is another reason to use a VPN as ISPs won’t be able to spy on or monitor your internet activity. VPNs also help you avoid ISP throttling which lowers your download speeds.

Most countries, including Australia, are rightfully against the the illegal access and distribution of material on the web.

To curb this, they put in place measures that restrict torrent use. However, not all material available on torrent sites is illegal. The majority of the content on torrenting sites is legal. Using a VPN, you can circumvent the blocks and get access to this harmless content.

Popular Sites For Torrents in Australia

Here is a list with torrent sites that still work in Australia (with a VPN or without):

1. The Pirate Bay

Official URL: https://thepiratebay.org/

Hugely popular and arguably the largest torrent site in the world

Best for almost everything includingTV Shows, Movies, Music, Games, and Applications

The Pirate Bay is regarded as the most popular and one of the oldest torrent site in the world today. The site, abbreviated TBP, has been around for over 15 years now. As you’d expect it packs a wealth of content with 3+ million torrent files and magnetic links.

It is notorious for evading multiple shutdowns and has caught headlines several times in the past. Beyond the long and rough history, however, is a reliable torrent space where you can find millions of torrents to different material.

When running a search, you have an option to filter the torrents based on the category of the material you want. It also has support for magnet links but be careful as some are fake. We also like that the pirate bay has a simple interface that won’t pose any challenge even to a beginner.

Under the torrents, you will occasionally find comments from other TBP users that have previously tried the link. Comments from trusted and VIP users can help you judge the quality of the material even before downloading it. Trusted and VIP users can be identified using pink and green tags.

If piratebay is blocked, you can always use a vpn to unblock it.

Currently, TBP doesn’t host torrent files anymore. Instead, the entries carry magnet links that can be opened in your torrent client by clicking on them.

On the downside, the pirate bay shows several pop-up ads that can lead to an annoying experience. Nonetheless, it still is the best torrent site out there at the moment, which is why it is often referred to as the “King of Torrents.”


Official URL: https://rarbg.to/

Very popular with users who want high-quality content

Best known for Movies, Games, TV Shows, Music, and other Software

RARBG has been around for over a decade, having launched back in 2008. It initially started as a Bulgarian tracker before transforming into one of the best torrent sites. The site now offers torrent files and magnetic links to internet users all around the world.

It has often ranked highly among the most visited torrent sites. Although it doesn’t come close to other biggest hitters in terms of volume of torrent links, you can always expect several high-quality files on the site.

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The site has a distinct blue and black theme accompanied by a well laid out search page. Browsing through the RARBG site is easy as it decently organized. There are several categories of material from movies to software. Information on the size of the torrents and number of seeders as well as leechers is provided alongside the torrent links.

RARBG gives much more details on a torrent than most of the other torrenting sites. The site also doesn’t allow users to upload their torrents. This explains why fake files are at a minimum on the site. Some RARBG mirrors are known to offer fast connections. Looking at the site, it is not hard to see why it takes a place on this list.

The RARBG community is very active, which promotes seeding. It is a generally good torrenting site if you are looking for new torrents. If you are interested in old or hard to find torrents, the site might not be ideal for you. Like TBP, RARBG has occasional pop-ups, but with a pop-up ad blocker, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

You can choose to browse for the material you are after or search for it using keywords and get it via the search results. Its search engine is quite effective not to mention the site is regularly updated with new torrents. You can easily access the material you are looking to download if you input the right keyword or keyword combination.

3. 1337X

Official URL: https://1337x.to/

Popularity: Widely considered as the next best Pirate Bay alternative

Best for TV Shows, Games, Movies, Music and other Applications

Here is another great torrent that has been around for a while now. Although it was established in 2007, it wasn’t until the shutdown of Kickass torrents that 1337x became very popular.

1337x is known for its attractive and well-structured user interface that allows even the most basic users to navigate through to get the material they’re after. Over the years, the site has seen several changes to its interface, but its overall theme and design have remained the same.

As of writing, it is the second most popular torrent site as ranked by TorrentFreak. This year, Alexa ranked 1337x as third most popular torrent sites on the internet. The site has been on many occasions, lauded as a good alternative to TBP in case it is shut down permanently.

Not very many torrent sites match up to 1337x when it comes to reliability.  Although it packs a wide variety of content, it is best suited for users looking for movie content. The content offered is categorized into torrent categories from TV shows to game applications.

It also features libraries where users can browse and view thumbnails for TV shows and movies. Alongside the thumbnails are descriptions for the media, ratings star-wise, and other torrents similar to that title.

1337x also gives its users a list of other mirror sites to use in case they are having problems accessing or downloading content from the site. The site doesn’t have many dead or fake links, and on overall, it is safe to say 1337x delivers.  It is usually updated with fresh content now and then making it one of the best torrent sites.

The site had a recent rework that not only improved its appearance but also got rid of most security threats. These changes helped improve its security features. Much like other torrent sites, it has incessant adverts and pop-up notifications that can be annoying at times.

4. YTS

Official URL: http://yts.am/

Popularity: Mostly suitable and popular for users that have limited bandwidth

Best for classic as well as recently released movies

The YTS torrenting site became famous when it took over from the defunct YTS and YIFY group. It has since maintained its reputation as one of the best and well-known sites for torrents.

The site majors on movie content and may be unsuitable if you are looking for torrent files or links outside this range. The focus on movies only makes it a favourite for movie enthusiasts. You can try other alternatives such as the pirate bay and RARBG if you want anything other than movies.

The site has a properly-organized interface and wonderful layout. It has an extensive range of movie titles from all genres. Movies are listed by their covers based on their popularity and release date. You can also search for the title you want through the quick-search bar at the top of the homepage.

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Clicking on the covers will give you an option to view more details about the title. Here you can check the quality available, the synopsis, the cast, comments as well as reviews from other users.

There is also an option of 4k movies on the right-hand side just close to the search bar where you can browse 4k movies. You, however, need a separate torrent application to download these titles.

The site is also safe from malware risk contrary to the belief by many that it is loaded with malware. What is more, the majority of the torrents are easy on your bandwidth which reduces your data costs. Overall, YTS is a good torrenting site if you are looking for movie torrents with the high video quality.

5. Torrentz2

Official URL: https://torrentz2.eu

Popularity: Is more of an aggregator that collects links from other torrent sites

Best for all content as it fetches the links from other sites

Last on our list is Torrentz2, which is an iteration of Torrentz. Torrentz2’s search engine guarantees the site a position on our list of top torrenting sites in Australia. The search engine is different from those in other sites.

Torrentz2 crawl around other torrenting sites to gather and combine links for the keyword, title, game, or video you have searched for. For this reason, it has access to 60+ million torrents links on the internet.

It doesn’t have an elaborate interface or a well-presented theme. Instead, it has a minimalist interface with a search box. All you have to do is enter the phrase or keyword relating to the material. The search results generally contain the links to the material and no additional information.

While its general appearance may not be attractive, Torrentz2 gets the work done by presenting you with torrent links to the material you want. It focuses on music content, so it’s not surprising to stumble upon old torrents with several seeders here.

Australia’s New Rules on Downloading and Using VPNs

Australia is getting really strict about downloading shows and movies from the internet. They don’t want people using sites like The Pirate Bay to get stuff for free.

The big movie companies are leading this change. They don’t like it when people download movies without paying.

Now, in Australia, if you go to these download sites, you might get in trouble. The internet companies are blocking these sites so people can’t use them.

Because of these new rules, people in Australia are starting to use VPNs a lot. VPNs help them visit websites without getting caught.

Using a VPN is also about keeping what you do online private. It’s a way for people to hide what they’re doing from companies and the government.

In the end, these new rules in Australia are making people think more about privacy and being free online. It’s a big deal for everyone who uses the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Torrenting illegal?

There are blurred lines around the topic of torrenting and its legality. Generally, torrenting is illegal if and when it involves copyright infringement or sharing licensed material without permission. On the other hand, it is legal if you are accessing copyright-free material.

What is the best torrent site I can use to get TV shows & movies?

The best torrenting site for movies is YTS, but others such as the pirate bay and RARBG are good alternatives. When it comes to TV shows, the pirate bay, 1337x, and RARBG are all equally good.

Do I need a VPN for torrenting?

While you don’t actually need a VPN torrenting, it is best to use a VPN. There are high risk and danger involved when you torrent with your normal internet connection. Today, even torrent sites themselves highly recommend using a VPN on their sites. VPNs keep your device safe and protect your traffic from the eyes of the government or ISPs by encrypting it.

Which is the best way to unblock torrent sites?

The simplest and most reliable way of unblocking restricted torrent sites is by using a VPN. A VPN will hide your real IP address by masking it with a temporal new IP address corresponding to a different location.

Which one is your favorite torrent site? Leave a comment below.

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