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How To Bypass Certain Restrictions In Video Games

Sometimes gamers encounter restrictions, limiting their ability to play some games.

More often than not, these restrictions are introduced to prevent people from playing on international servers, however, it’s also sometimes common for restrictions to be introduced by the gamer’s country of origin. If you have been encountering restrictions in the video games that you play, then it’s a very good idea to try to bypass them. We are meant to have free internet, so there’s absolutely no excuse for restrictions being imposed on us as internet users.

This post will tell you how you can bypass certain restrictions in video games:

HWID Spoofer

When you play video games, the game will inspect your HWID in order to ascertain whether or not you have been hacking or cheating. Games like Warzone, a popular shoot-em-up, are notorious for this.

A Warzone HWID spoofer will help you to bypass the game’s anti-cheat system.

You can also invest in HWID spoofers for other games, too. If you cheat or hack on games often, then it’s a very good idea to invest in one of these. They will help you to continue playing, without encountering hacks or permanent bans.


VPN stands for virtual private network, and it is the web’s most common form of bypassing restrictions.

VPNs mask your IP address. More simply, VPNs make you look like you are somewhere that you are not, by changing your IP address to one from the geographical location that you have selected to appear. This then allows you to access video games and streaming services from other countries, as well as hide your online activity. VPNs are a great investment, and can also be used for safeguarding purposes, protecting you from hackers and online criminals.

Tor Browser

Another way of accessing browser-based games is the Tor browser, a browser that’s typically used by people who are accessing the so-called dark web, but that can also be used for routine internet usage. It is worth noting, that the Tor browser is not as anonymous as it purports to be, and therefore, it is possible for you to be monitored when you are using it.

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If you are bypassing game restrictions and breaking the law, then in theory you can be tracked down and prosecuted.

Smart DNS

An alternative to a VPN is a smart DNS. The main reason that people are starting to use smart DNS instead of VPNs is that due to the rise of VPNs, some sites are restricting their use. It is possible for websites to actually determine whether or not you are using a VPN.

A smart DNS on the other hand, can’t. Smart DNS services enable you to bypass restricted websites and geographical blocks. An advantage to using a smart DNS is that they tend to have very fast speeds, unlike VPNs, which can be a bit slow. However, smart DNS services don’t encrypt your traffic or change your IP.

IP Address

Even if a website is blocked geographically, using its IP address can allow you to access it. If you are going to play a browser-based game that is geographically locked, then enter its IP address and you will still be able to get onto its site.

This is because most networks only block a site’s domain name, rather than its underlying IP address. This won’t work for downloadable games though, because you won’t be able to enter an IP address to access anything, the game’s server will already be downloaded on your device.

Free Proxy

Proxies aren’t as popular online now as they used to be, but they are still great services and very useful in some cases. Proxies function just like VPNs; except they usually aren’t downloadable and work as search engines.

Proxies will disguise your location by hiding your IP address but won’t encrypt your traffic. This means that they aren’t as secure as VPNs, although they are a touch more securer than smart DNS services are. Proxies also tend to be a lot slower than VPNs are, which isn’t good if you need internet speed for playing games. You will only be able to play browser-based games when you are using a free proxy.

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Benefits of Bypassing Restrictions


The main benefit of bypassing internet restrictions is the anonymity that you are given. Simply by bypassing a site’s restrictions, you have given yourself total online anonymity (or at least a little bit of anonymity). If you hadn’t then you wouldn’t have been able to bypass the restrictions in the first place. Anonymity is something that all internet users should have. One should not have to use the internet in fear that one’s personal information can be stolen. When you use the methods outlined in this post, whether for games or routine internet browsing, you are protected, to a degree, from criminals.


Bypassing restrictions gives you greater freedom over how you choose to use the internet and play your favorite video games. Unless you are breaking the law, there should be no restrictions on the internet. Unfortunately, a lot of sites try to impose restrictions just so that they can control their corner of the internet. Most of the sites that do this do so needlessly. Bypassing restrictions allow you to see whatever you want to see, without limit. You can also play whatever you want to play.


Lastly, bypassing internet restrictions makes it easier for you to play with your friends online. A lot of people have friends from all over the world, thanks to online forums and chat rooms. Not everybody’s friends are located in their own country. If you have friends from abroad, you won’t be able to play on international servers with them unless you hide your location and bypass certain restrictions. It’s a lot more fun playing video games with one’s actual friends, than it is playing with strangers, even if they are from your own home country.

The internet was originally designed to be a place of freedom and exploration. Website owners have decided to go against the internet’s free spirit and nature, implementing blocks and bans based on geographic locations and other factors. This post’s guidance will help you to override these bans, returning the internet to its original, intended state.

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